Toning Shoes

Posted by | February 15, 2011 | Podiatry Issues

Toning shoes or toning footwear has become the current rage among consumers. It started with the MBT Shoes and now New balance and the Skechers Shape Ups. The principle behind the toning shoes is that they are somewhat unstable and make the muscles work harder, giving the legs an extra workout when wearing them. Do the MBT Shoes work? There is certainly debate about the MBT shoes working. The research shows they do make the muscles work harder, so yes there will be some benefits there. They also do change the postural alignment somewhat, so there will be some benefits there as well for some, but for others this change might be detrimental. The evidence is not clear on the overall benefits of the MBT shoes or the toning shoes. More research is needed to better guide clinicians on the best options for toning shoes.

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