MBT Shoes

Posted by | January 28, 2011 | Podiatry Issues

The toning shoes, of which the MBT Shoes are the most well known like to market themselves as the anti-shoe, or the shoe “you are having when you are not having a shoe”! The MBT or Masai Barefoot Technology Shoe claim to mimic the action of barefoot walking used by a tribe of Indians known as the Masai people. They have a very upright posture and have very few, if any, postural or back problems. The MBT shoe claims to help postural problems by mimicking this upright barefoot walking style. They do not really mimic the barefoot walking as they have a substantial sole on them.

Do the MBT Shoes Work? There has been some research done on if the MBT shoes work or not and the physiological changes produced by these shoes has been documented. It is less clear that if these physiological changes are beneficial in the long term or not. There is not doubt that the MBT shoes do certainly help some people with postural problems. They also do not help other people. Unfortunately there are no clear guidelines or clinical indications as to who the shoes mostly benefit or do not benefit. Clinical research that can lead to such guidelines is urgently needed. Expert opinion on the MBT shoes is divided.

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